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News about political parties, political campaigns, world and international politics, politics news headlines plus in-depth features and video. Get breaking political news of President Barack Obama's White House and the latest headlines from Congress featuring reporting and video from George Stephanopoulos, Jake Tapper, Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein and the ABC News Political Unit. We delivers up-to-the-minute political coverage on the economy, health care, unemployment, the Supreme Court and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stay current with daily news updates in health, entertainment, business, science, technology and sports. The subject and newsworthiness of a story depends on the audience, as they decide what they do and do not have an interest in. The denser the population, the more global the reported news becomes, as there is a broader range of interests involved in its selection. Only a fraction of news manages to convey the overall international development.

News is our business. We work closely with our clients to uncover real news separating "snooze" from "news" to uncover the story that matters and work closely with the media to understand their needs. We don't believe that issuing a press release is the only way to generate media coverage or that a press release automatically means a company has news. There are certainly valid reasons to issue press releases without expecting media coverage.

News is what happens in the presence of an editor, and big news is what happens in the presence of an editors spouse. The blurring of news, entertainment, advertising, and marketing means that drawing the lines is more important than even. In putting our work together we are conscious of our need to build an audience. That means our work has to be both valuable to people and interesting. Michael Oreskes, Managing Editor, The New York Times





The Political Simpleton offers coverage of politics, media, world news, today's news and yesterday's news, world news and is a top destination for news, blogs, and original content. Get the latest news on Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Bin Laden, Nacy Pelosi, John Mccain, Harry Reid, Bail Out and the health care reform bill. Read news stories and headline news from the United States and international mainstream media about politics, entertainment, and current events as well as links to many columnists.

Read the latest news from Capitol Hill, the midterm elections, and state governors. Latest US political news for political professionals & analysts. Breaking White House, Congress, state, commentary, campaign, Democrat & Republican news. On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2010 Election - USATODAY.com

Opinion and analysis of American and global politics. Find news and video about the elections, Iraq, North Korea, the White House, the U.N and more. We provides the latest breaking news, analysis, video, and discussion of U.S. politics events, including in-depth coverage of elections, the White House, Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court. We do manual news aggregation from web sites like The National Journal, Newsweek, The New York Times and the Washington Post. P olitics in washington, dc politics, obama, president barack obama, white house, first lady michelle obama, congress, economy, health care reform, Iraq are some of the areas we cover. Afghanistan, national security, democrat, republican, tea parties, hillary clinton, sarah palin, john mccain, john edwards, elizabeth edwards, election 2012, midterm elections, dick cheney, nancy pelosi, harry reid, joe biden, supreme court, george stephanopoulos, jake tapper, martha raddatz all make news headlines and we try to cover them all.

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